2017 Mid-Autumn

Each year on August 15th lunar calendar is the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival of Viet Nam, China and some other countries. This moment is middle of autumn, so called :” Mid-Autumn“. Mid-Autumn Festival has many names, as it take places in mid August, so it’s called ”August Festival”. The main activities of Mid- Autumn centered around theme “ moon “. It ‘s also called “ Full moon Festival “. Full moon light of Mid-Autumn ‘s as fullness, reunion. People watching the moon in the middle of the sky, naturely desire to reunite the family, the children away from home are full of nostalgia and it ‘s also called “ Reunion Festival “

Based on understanding and attention of aspirations of all employees, Leader’s company, based on the traditional, on 02/10/2017 ( 15/08/2017 lunar calendar ), VGE Leader has prepaired a part of mind, a gift to all employees.

“ The moon somtimes is not full, people sometimes are sad “. Hope from day onward, the moon will forever be full and you will forever be happy. Wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

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