About VGE

    • Basic Information:Name of Company: Viet Nam Green Energy Technology Co.,LTDAbbreviation: VGEHeadquarter: No.6, TS3 road, Tien Son Industrial Zone, Hoan Son Commune, Tien Du District, Bac Ninh Province, Viet Nam.

      Company activities: processing and manufacturing solar panels

      Output : 350 MW/ manufacture line

      General Director: George.Qiu

      Tel: (+84)

      Website: vngreenenergy.com


      Viet Nam Green Energy Technology Co.,LTD is one of companies specialized in processing and manufacturing solar panels, establised in 2017, with factory area is over 20.000 m2 in Tien Son Industrial Zone, Bac Ninh Province, Viet Nam.

      VGE’s present market forcus on exporting mainly to Europe ( Turkey, Dutch, England,… ), North Americas ( Canada, America,.. ), India.Particularly,VGE is also very interested in developing domestic market, including solar power plant projects.

      As a unit bearing Viet Nam green energy manufacture brand.Operative motto of our company: “ Integrity – Efficience – Unity – Innovation “. VGE “Trusty” bring the best quality of product and affordable to domestic and foreign customers. Highlighting the word “ Credit “ as a committion and also as a reward received from the customers. Owning the manufacture line is modern, superiority and “ Efficiency “with automatic robot to maximum level, support to increase the output, decrease the labors,ensure accuracy of product technology- quality.apply standard operating procedure S.O.P, ISO, MES production management system;a gathering of leading experts in solar panels manufacture sector with a team including experienced,devoted and passionate employees, creat a team of solid, “ unity”.From the difficult early days to establish, overcome many difficulties,challenges; VGE is constantly trying to rise up and constantly searching for “ Innovation “, to make the dream “ Clean- Green Energy to everywhere “ to more Vietnameses people,reach international level of “ Clean- Green Energy to everywhere”,green many countries into reality.

      Let join VGE for contributing to affirm Viet Nam solar energy brand worthy to shining and used.

      Best regard!